1     NAME:

i)     The club shall be known as "Thurrock Rugby Football Club".


2     OBJECTS: The club exists to:-

(A) provide facilities for and promote participation of the whole community in the sport of Rugby Football within the borough of Thurrock.


3     COLOURS:

The colours of the Club shall be black and white hooped shirts, black shorts and black stockings.


4     CLUB YEAR:

The Club Year shall run from 1st September to 31st August for all purposes excepting for:-

(A) financial matters, when for accounting purposes it shall run from 1 st January to 31st December of each year.

(B) positions attained within the Club by election at the AGM for purposes of Administration shall be held for twelve calendar months or until the next AGM, whichever is the longest. Those co-opted thereafter shall serve until the next AGM.



(A) Membership of the Club shall be open to all persons irrespective of ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs; or of age, sex or disability except as a necessary consequence of the requirements of Rugby as a particular sport.

i)     Applicants shall either

(a)  be proposed and seconded by two Full Members who are able, from personal knowledge, to vouch for the suitability of the applicant, or

(b)  apply direct to the club.

ii)    the applicant's proposal form shall appear prominently upon the Club Notice Board for a minimum of forty eight hours before the day on which his/her name is submitted to the Membership Sub-Committee.

iii)   at least one of the nominators shall attend the meeting at which the application is considered.

iv)   membership shall fall into one of the following categories:-

(a)  Full Member: who will be those persons of either sex who are either actively engaged in playing rugby within the Club during the current season or those people who, in the opinion of the Membership Sub-Committee, are active supporters of Rugby within the Club.

(b)  Associate Member: who will be any adult person of either sex showing an interest in the Club and in Rugby Football in general.

(c)  Vice President: who will be any adult person of either sex showing an interest in the Club and in Rugby Football in general.

(d)  Youth Member:

1.    All Youth Players under the age of 19

2.    Said Parents/Guardians of Youth Players

(e)  Temporary Member: who will be any person of either sex granted the membership for a fixed period only, this to be determined by the General Committee.

v)    Voting members shall have the right to object to any applicant as detailed above. Such objections must be made in person at any meeting called by the Membership Sub Committee to discuss the application for membership. In the event of an application not being resolved both sides shall have the right to refer the matter to the General Committee whose decision shall be final.


(B) The club shall at its AGM each year appoint a Membership Secretary whose responsibility will be to keep a record of all members and their class of membership.  He or she shall in accordance with rule 10(c) convene meetings of the membership committee and ensure persons are only admitted to membership in accordance with the rules of the club. He/she will also be responsible for the administration of any international tickets and ensure the requirements of the RFU are fully complied with. He/she will not be a member of the management committee by virtue of this office but would not be precluded from standing for the management committee should he/she desire.


(C) other members may be:-

i)     Life Member: who will be any person of either sex who has performed outstanding service to the Club and has been a Full Member for a minimum of fifteen consecutive years. They will be nominated by the General Committee and be elected to such membership by a two-thirds majority of an Annual General Meeting.

ii)    Honorary Vice-President: who will be any person of either sex who has performed outstanding service to the Club over a number of years. They will be nominated by the General Committee and elected to such membership by the simple majority of an Annual General Meeting.

iii)   Associated Vice-President: who will be a spouse of a member and has performed outstanding service to the Club over a number of years. They will be nominated by the General Committee and elected to such membership by the simple majority of an Annual General Meeting. They will pay no subscription and have no voting rights at an AGM or EGM.

iv)   Honorary Member: who will be any person of either sex who has moved away from the area but wishes to remain in contact with the club. This shall be by invitation of the General Committee only.

v)    Family Member: The spouse and/or children of a member (the children being under 18 years of age at the 1 st of September) shall immediately enjoy the facilities of the club, as long as the said spouse remains a member.


(D) At all times the number of members with voting rights shall be at least 51% of the total membership, save that Junior Members shall not be included in this calculation.


(E) Parents/Guardians of Youth Members may apply for Associate Membership.


(F)  Membership of the club and acceptance of the club rules by a member, will be deemed to constitute consent to the holding of relevant personal data for the purposes of the Data Protection Acts.



The following shall be the rights and privileges of members excepting where Rule 8 is contravened or where such rights and privileges are restricted by other matters :-

(A) All members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club except those denied by category of membership.

(B) All members shall be deemed to have a full knowledge of the Rules of Club and agree to abide by those Rules both in letter and spirit.

(C) All members shall be provided with a copy of the Rules of the Club, a new copy to be sent to members as and when changes are made.

(D) All members shall be provided with a current fixture card.

(E) An Associate Member may after a minimum period of one year be considered for Full Membership by the General Committee.

(F)  Only those members with voting rights as detailed in Rule 7 shall be eligible to be elected to or co-opted to serve on any committee of the Club except for the Ladies Committee where Associate and Family Members are detailed in Rule 5 supra shall be permitted.

Membership of the Club shall cease:-

(i)    If a member is in arrears with his/her subscriptions as Rule 8.

(ii)  If the General Committee shall in their discretion decide that a Member's presence and conduct is detrimental to the Club.

(iii) If written notice of resignation is delivered to the Secretary within the provisions of Rule 8.



(A) Only Full Members, Life Members, Trustees, Vice Presidents and Honorary Vice Presidents may vote at Annual General Meetings and at Extra-Ordinary General Meetings.



(A) The Annual Subscription shall become due on the 1st September of each year.

(B) The rate of subscription shall be determined by a simple majority at the Annual General Meeting.

(C) After payment of a subscription it shall not, nor any part thereof, be refunded for any reason whatsoever .

(D) New members shall pay their subscriptions, or a proportionate part thereof, on being accepted to membership.

(E) Unless a formal, written resignation is received by the Secretary before 1st September of the new season, then that season's subscriptions become due and payable as above.

(F)  In the event of a member failing to pay his/her subscription within eight weeks of it falling due, his/her membership shall be deemed to be lapsed and all rights and privileges of membership shall be withdrawn.



(A) The Officers of the Club shall be the Club President, the Club Chairman, the Honorary Secretary and the Honorary Treasurer.

(B) The Trustees shall be persons who for the time being are appointed to undertake the said duties in relation to the Freehold Premises owned in the name of the Club. They shall never number more than four, nor less than two. The appointment of persons as Trustee shall be by election by the Members at either an Annual General Meeting or at an Extra-ordinary General Meeting.

(C) The Trustees shall hold office for life, or until they resign, or until they are removed by resolution of the Members at an Annual General Meeting or an Extra-ordinary General Meeting.



The direction and management of the Club shall be vested in the following committees excepting for the provision allowed in Rule 15.

The Club Chairman shall Chair all Committees unless this duty is specifically devolved by him or by the General Committee.

(A) General Committee.

i)     Shall have vested in it the powers necessary to direct and manage the daily business of the Club.

ii)    Shall be responsible for the oversight of those Sub-Committees upon which it devolves powers.

iii)   Shall consist of the Club Officers and 5 members elected at the Annual General Meeting plus the Trustees..

iv)   Shall supervise the power to co-opt or otherwise fill any vacancies that may occur in any Committee until the next Annual General Meeting or as stipulated in Rule 4(b).

v)    Shall supervise and generally control the operation of the Bar facilities and to this end support and advise the appointed Bar Steward in the execution of his/her duties.

vi)   Shall post the minutes of its meetings on the Club notice board.

vii) A quorum for the General Committee shall be 5,at least 2 of whom must be officers of the club as defined in rule 9.

(B) Selection Committee:

i)     Shall consist of Club Coach, Team Captains or their proxies, Team Secretary, Assistant Team Secretary and five members elected at the Annual General Meeting.

ii)    Shall have the power to co-opt members as and when necessary.

(C) Membership Committee:

i)     Shall consist of at least three members of the General Committee.

(D) Social Committee:

i)     Shall consist of the Social Secretary together with any nominees made by him that may be approved by the General Committee.

(E) Maintenance Committee:

i)     shall consist of the Maintenance Manager together with any nominees made by him that may be approved by the General Committee.

(F)  Discipline Committee:

i)     shall consist of the Club President, Club Chairman, Honorary Secretary and any two other members of the Management Committee.

ii)    On the unavailability of one of the appointed officers a full member may be co-opted to serve on the Committee for the occasion upon which it is required to meet.

iii)    It shall be the responsibility of the Disciplinary Committee so far as reasonably practicable to ensure that any co-opted member has no independent knowledge of the matter upon which the Committee is required to adjudicate

iv)   The Committee shall have the power to conduct an investigative enquiry and if necessary call witnesses before it.

v)    It shall be for the Disciplinary Committee to make a judgement on the evidence before it.

(G) Ladles Committee:

i)     Shall consist of those elected from and by the female membership in numbers sufficient to organise and fulfil its role within the Club.

(H) Youth Committee:

i)     shall consist of the Youth Chairman together with any nominees made by him that may be approved by the Management Committee.



(A) Annual General Meeting:-

i)     Shall be held in April or May each year on a date to be fixed by the Club Chairman in consultation with the General Committee.

ii)    Shall be convened by the Honorary Secretary with notices sent to all members, this notification to arrive at least twenty-eight days prior to the said date.

iii)   The Honorary Treasurer shall provide copies of the accounts to any member requesting the same and shall make them available at least twenty one days prior to the said meeting, in addition to the requirements of Rule 14.

iv)   The meeting shall be held to: -

(a)  receive reports from the Club Officers.

(b)  receive both the General Accounts and the Bar Account as stipulated in Rule 4.

(c)  elect Club Officers, Auditors and other members of the various committees as Rule 10, excepting for the Ladies Committee which shall be elected by those eligible as Rule 6f at a specially convened meeting of those members.

(d)  debate such motions as may from time to time be necessary always providing they are received as Rule 11 a) v) below

(e)  fix the Annual Subscription of members as Rules 8b and 12b) there shall be no other business other than the above.

v)    Notices of motion for the Annual General Meeting shall :-

(a)  be in writing and signed by a proposer and seconder, unless from the General Committee when certification by the Honorary Secretary will suffice.

(b)  be received by the Honorary Secretary twenty one days before the said meeting, excepting that :-

1.    Motions to alter the Rules of the Club be received not less than 35 days prior to the said meeting.

2.    a copy of any such motion shall be included in the notice convening the said meeting.

vi)   All Officers, Team Captains, Members of the General Committee and those members of the Selection Committee as stipulated in Rule 10 b) i) shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office subject to the provisions stipulated in Rule 4b).

Trustees shall be elected as may from time to time be necessary.

(a)  Nominations for election to a position above shall be on the proper form as issued and counter-signed by the Honorary Secretary.

(b)  The nomination form shall state the post being sought and be signed by the nominee and his proposer and seconder.

(c)  Nominations shall close twenty-one days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

(d)  Only those nominations received by the Honorary Secretary as c) above shall be accepted unless :-

1.    if no nominations for a particular post are received by the date stipulated then nominations may be accepted by the Honorary Secretary on the day of the meeting itself up to fifteen minutes prior to the stated time of the start of the said meeting.

(e)  in the event of a contested election:-

1.    Three tellers shall be appointed by the meeting.

2.    Voting shall be by secret ballot.

3.    In the case of illness or unavoidable absence a proxy vote signed by a member and received by the Secretary by post before the Meeting can be accepted at the discretion of the Members attending the A.G.M. before actual voting takes place. The vote will be added in those instances to the ballot by the Secretary.

4.    In the event of a tied result the Chairman shall use a casting vote to resolve the situation.

vii) A quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be twenty five members with voting rights.

viii)         In the absence of the Club Chairman and during any election for the Office of Club Chairman the Annual General Meeting shall be chaired by the President or, if he is not present, by a Club Officer as may be decided by the meeting.

(B) Extra-ordinary General Meeting:

Shall be subject to the same Rules as stated for an Annual General Meeting excepting :-

(a)  that it may be called by a resolution :-

1.    signed by at least fifteen voting members or one fifth of the voting members whichever is the less.

2.    from the General Committee.

(b)  that the Honorary Secretary shall act upon the receipt of such a resolution and convene a meeting not less than twenty one days and not more than fifty six days from the date of that receipt.

(c)  that the meeting shall discuss only those matters referred to in the resolution.



The Rules of the Club shall not be altered in any way except at an Annual General Meeting or an Extra-ordinary General Meeting and providing -

(A) the duly notified alteration is accepted by a two thirds majority of those present.

(B) any alteration so agreed shall become effective the day following the Annual General Meeting or Extra-ordinary General Meeting, except a variation in the annual subscription which shall be according to Rule 8b and have effect from 1st September following the meeting.



(A) The bar of the Clubhouse may be opened at the discretion of the General Committee between the hours granted by the current licence certificate.

(B) AII members and their guests may purchase alcoholic drinks for themselves.

(C) Members as detailed in Rule 5 may sign in guests excepting for those detailed in Rule 5 a) iv,d).

(D) Visiting sportspersons, their officials and supporters may purchase alcoholic drinks and other items at the bars during such times as the bars are open providing they have been participating in a sporting activity involving the facilities provided by the club, providing these sportspersons are members of a club which itself holds a club premises certificate. For the purposes of this Rule sports such as cross-country running, cricket etc. shall be deemed to be a facility provided by the club.

(E) Only persons over the age of 18 years may be supplied with or consume alcoholic drinks on the Club premises.

(F)  Employees of the Sponsors, or Associated Companies and their bona fide guests may use all the facilities of the Club and purchase intoxicants for consumption on the premises only, provided proof of identity is made known to an Official upon entry.  This book to be retained by the Club and made available for inspection by an Officer of Essex Police upon request.



(A) the General Committee may, at their discretion and upon such terms as they think fit and proper, raise or borrow money for the purpose of the Club, and may mortgage or charge or lease the whole, or any part of the assets of the Club (present or future), and may issue bonds and other securities, whether outright or as security for any debts, liability, or obligation of the Club. The above shall not in any way remove from the Annual General Meeting any of its powers as the final arbiter of all Club affairs, Policies, or decisions. No Committee shall have the power to enter into negotiations to sell Land, Freehold Buildings, Roads etc. of Thurrock R.F.C. without the full permission of the Membership at an A.G.M. or Special E.G.M.

(B) All monies belonging to the Club shall only be held and deposited in an account in the Club's name. Such accounts shall have a minimum of three signatories and shall include the Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary.

(C) The Club's accounts shall be audited by a professionally qualified accountant whose written findings shall be submitted to the members at the AGM and have previously been sent to the members with the notice of that meeting.



The Income and property of the club shall be applied solely towards promoting the clubs objects as set forth in these rules and no portion of thereof shall be paid or transferred, directly or indirectly, to the Members of the club.

(A) :-

i)     the members may vote to wind up the Club if not less than three quarters of those present and voting support that proposal at a properly convened general meeting.

ii)    Any contract of employment issued on behalf of Thurrock Rugby Football Club shall only be issued for and on behalf of the club and issued and signed by any two of the four elected officers of the club. For clarity these are the Treasurer, Chairman, President and Honorary Secretary. Copies of these contracts must be retained by the Honorary Secretary.

(B) The committee will then be responsible for the orderly winding up of the club’s affairs

(C) After settling all liabilities of the club, the committee at an E.G.M. shall dispose of the net assets remaining to one or more of the following :-

i)     to another club with similar sports purposes which is a registered charity and / or

ii)    to another club with similar sports purposes which is a registered CASC and / or

iii)   to the club’s governing body for use by them for related community sports.



All matters of interpretation, either arising out of, or not provided for in these Rules, shall be dealt with by the General Committee whose decision shall be binding. Appeal may be made to the Annual General Meeting whose decision shall be final.